Managed WordPress Hosting

Knight Web Services® Inc. will manage your mission-critical WordPress website allowing you the time to successfully attend to your business!

Packages designed to suit a variety of requirements include content updates, version updates, plugin updates, security hardening, performance enhancements, SEO deployment and SSL Certificate.

Our managed WordPress website hosting packages are built on a high performance platform ensuring quick scalability.  Select a packages and features best suited to your needs and we will do the rest.

Hosting PackageCloudBusinessCloudWindowsCloudWindows
Complimentary Site Transferyesyesyes
WordPress Version Updatesyesyesyes
Plugin Version Updatesyesyesyes
Automatic Database Backupsyesyesyes
Security Hardeningyesyesyes
Performance Tuningyesyesyes
Content Delivery Network (CDN)yesyesyes
Up to 2 hours of content updates/monthnoyesyes
SEO Bundlenonoyes
SSL Certificatenonoyes
Monthly Fee$99.97/month$199.97/month$269.97/month
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Annual Bonus: for a limited time get two months free with annual subscription.
Complimentary Site Transfer: A trained WordPress specialist will move your WordPress site to our servers.
CloudBusiness: 50 email accounts, 200 GB of disk storage and 2,000 GB of transfer plus all the support required for your WordPress site.
CloudWindows: 100 email accounts, 300 GB of disk space and 3,000 GB of transfer. Zend Optimizer, Ion cube, full .asp support and much more.
WordPress Version Updates: Keeping your installation of WordPress up to date allows your site to remain protected against security vulnerabilities, fixes bugs, and major upgrades also add new features and functionality.
Plugin Version UpdatesUpdates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes often increase security by patching vulnerabilities and strengthening against attacks. To reduce the risk of your site being hacked or compromised in some other way, update!When any expert talks about WordPress security, one of the first things they mention is to install updates. Hackers and other malicious parties watch the release notes. As soon as they learn of a vulnerability, they start exploiting it. So, you need to update as soon as possible to reduce the time that your site is vulnerable.
Automatic DataBase Backups: Due to the dynamic nature of a database it is important to maintain a library of daily backups in the event that disaster recovery is necessary.
Security Hardening: Installing a firewall, regular monitoring and tuning of the firewall, add two-factor authentication and altering the standard database prefix puts your WordPress site in the safe zone. 
Performance Tuning: Keeps the database optimized and repaired as well as add site caching keeping your site in top health.
Content Delivery Network (CDN): Our global CDN network is designed for high performance and low latency. Minimizing hops between ISP is an important factor. Our strategically positioned servers around the globe supercharge your assets. More than 20 locations build strong presence for lower latency and higher throughput.
Up to 2 Hours of Content Updates/month: Content updates to your WordPress site, up to 2 hours per month or 6 hours per quarter. Hours must be used during quarter and are not able to be carried forward. 
SEO Bundle: Includes unique keywords and description placed on every page and a current Google sitemap.
SSL Certificate: Google’s PageRank system is arguably the most important feature of the search engine, and Google rarely makes it known how they rank websites. However, a few months back, Google announced ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ – meaning they are now using HTTPS as a ranking signal, and that’s something all website owners should have paid attention to. Included is a SSL 2048-bit key certificate for as system tweaks to force SSL for every visitor.

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